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Hi! I am Vicki and this is my bare-bones, still under construction site. Thank you so much for stopping by. It has been my goal for a long time to build a better website so of course I chose the busiest time of year for me to dive into that venture. Amidst weddings, mid-summer mini session planning, pregnancy, motherhood, and trying to keep myself alive – why not, right?

Tonight, after we had cake with my family for my son’s first birthday, I dragged my son and husband out of the house to do some test shots for some mid-summer minis I want to have. There is a new lavender farm in town called New Life Lavender and Cherry Farm that I have been jonesing to go to and thought it would be a fun, unique place to host some minis. We took some test shots there and I am thankful that my husband is great with a camera and snagged a cute shot of me and my son, Archie. Of course, my favorite photos of myself are when my face isn’t in the shot – I feel like a lot of women can relate to that!

The farm is so cute and situated just off Highway 12 on Highway W in Baraboo, WI. Their store immediately made me think of Joanna Gaines for some reason, and I wanted to actually spend the night there. Although, I was there after-hours so I don’t think the owners and their children would’ve appreciated that. But one of the owners briefly told me about some of their specialties which included lavender-cherry pie, a lavender coffee drink and a frosty lavender lemonade… Needless to say, I was salivating and am already planning my return trip to! I’m sure my husband is thrilled to tag along…

baby boy on a wooden chair in a lavender field wearing overalls and moccasins

mom wearing floppy hat holding baby boy wearing overalls and moccasins near a stone wall

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